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Discontinued models

Discontinued bike models: Hurry while stocks last!


Bike development never stops and so it is both our challenge and passion to continue improving our bikes. However, a bike that was good yesterday is certainly not yet on the scrap heap today. Often it is just little things that make up a model change: Maybe the design of the product group was revised, the geometry updated, the tyre supplier has changed or the colours were modified. What remains is a bike that is no longer produced in this form and that is no longer available in all sizes or versions. To make room for the successors, we offer these so-called discontinued models at especially attractive prices. Technically and visually, the bikes are absolutely competitive and do not have to fear comparison. They are practical, well specced and offer the perfect basis for many years of riding fun. You do not have to make any compromises, as these bikes, too, offer high-class workmanship and reliability. But beware: If you are interested in one of these bikes, you should not wait too long! The right size might be sold out soon, there are only limited quantities available. Discontinued models cannot be configured, which is why you should look out for an equipment that suits you best. You’ll find discontinued models of all categories, so whether you are looking for a road bike, mountain bike, touring bike, fitness bike or downhill bike – we have got something for every intended use. We also offer several equipment variants, ranging from entry-level through to top models. That is why our discontinued models are a hot buy for price-conscious cyclists who are flexible and who appreciate high quality.