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The first thing that will come to a pro cyclist’s mind when hearing about Magura probably are the MTB disc brakes Marta or Louise, the hydraulic rim brakes HS11 or HS33 and the suspension forks Durin or Thor. The hydraulic disc brakes and versatile suspension forks that followed also prove the experience and know-how the company Magura offers.

Magura bike parts – bicycle components based on profound knowledge
The expert knowledge of the company Magura is embedded in a history that began in 1893 with the company founder Gustaf Magenwirth. In the beginning, the company did not yet manufacture bike parts, but handlebars and cockpits for motorized two-wheelers in Bad Urach, Germany. With 50 years of experience in the development of brakes, the company Magura began to specialize in the manufacture of bicycle components in the 70s. This new production area was developed on the basis of the knowledge acquired in previous years. Now Magura began to manufacture braking components for bikes.
Magura cycling – an interaction of diverse bike components  
The bicycle components of the company Magura such as brakes, brake pads, brake shoes, brake discs or other accessories combine valuable experiences made with the expert knowledge acquired over many years.